terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Some pics and first test video.

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Anônimo disse...

Nice start: Do you have any adjustment for wider beam angle.

Ruete disse...

Not yet. But there are two ways of doing this:
1) Rewrite the arduino code (maybe later...)
2) PLace the stepper motor pointing to the ground (instead of up) and then use one more mirror (I'll post a picture of this mirror in a moment)

Ruete disse...

here is a link for that mirror:

Anônimo disse...

Why do you using stepper motor instead of a dac+ galvo is it the price tag?

Ruete disse...

yes the price tag.
I live in BRazil and I could not find a galvo with a decent price.
SO I tryed 3 types of motors until this one worked.
I tryed 2 types of servo motor (to slow) and then this stepper motor that worked. I think it is a nema 17.
I got it for the equivalent of US$25. It is an 8 wire stepper made in BRazil.

Ruete disse...

I've updated Arduino Code to version 5.0 (now published in this blog).
That update includes a wider beam angle (no need for extra mirrors) and other improvements.
Have fun!

rinaldi simamora disse...

Can I using stepper motor 6 wires nema 17 to buid this laser harp ??

Ruete disse...

"Can I using stepper motor 6 wires nema 17 to buid this laser harp ??"

You can use any stepper motor as long as it is able to move fast enough.
By fast enough I mean: it has to be able to move faster than the human eye can detect because has to flash on and off the laser beams so they look all on at the same time. But in reality they are not.
Human eyes can see at a rate of 30 frames per second.(dvd movies use this rate).
Use this link to find out how to wire any stepper the right way:


or search youtube for: How To Identify The Wire / Lead Of A Stepper Motor

Use baterries the first time and a lot of patience...

fabio viana disse...

I really liked your job and im dooing one for my final school project, and i need some help from you.
If you dont mind, im requesting your fruity loops file because im having some problems dooing it and the schedule to the presentation of the project is getting close, so i was really grateful if you could give me the file so i can work on it and see if it works finally.

Im really thankful for your attention.