sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

Here is a picture of my Laser Harp v1 (framed version)

It is a framed Laser Harp I developed using and arduino, a green laser, lots of passion and googling!

If you want to build a Framed Laser Harp you can google for Stephen Hobley and you will find plenty of info about that..

Now if you want to make a Frameless Laser Harp like the one Jean Michel Jarre 's used to play Rendezvous 2  Live in concert at his Europe Tour 2011., it is a lot more difficult...

I am currently working on this project and almost done with it.

Since technology has developed so much it is now possible to build your own homemade DIY Frameless Laser Harp.

I saw a couple of adds on the internet selling Frameless Laser Harps for US$1.200,00 and up (only the controller and sensor part). Then I would have to buy an ILDA green laser projector also. And then pay around 100% more for import taxes on top of all this.

That´s when I decided to give it a try at building it myself!

Turns out Laser Harp v2 (unframed) is almost completed.

Bookmark this website, and come back soon as I will post the complete schematics and programing here so you will be able to make yourself one too (without being a technical geek).


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Frank disse...

If you want a harp like the one of Jean Michel Jarre, tehre are not so many choices. The only ones are granted and reliable are here: http://www.kromalaser.com/products
they have projectors embedded and plug & play.
Please look this http://www.youbube.com/kromalaser
Professional machines

Scott disse...

After seeing Jean Michel Jarre play his Laserharp in 2009 in Amsterdam, i wanted to make my own laserharp.
So I made a framed laserharp. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQuceo8nMiA
Seeing your Frameless Harp i get really excited.
so picked up where i left.
Scanning your code, which looks great (only can't read your comments :P )

Thanks :P

Mirco Slepko disse...

hello I love your blog!
I would like to ask help for a wiring that I can not do.
I have a CNC with Arduino + grbl and I would like to convert laser engraver.

I want to connect to Arduino this laser: http://www.makeblock.cc/laser-engraver-upgrade-pack-500mw-for-xy-plotter-robot-kit-v2-0/

could you tell me how should I do?
I need a transistor? if so what?

I thank you for the answer

Ruete disse...

Hi Mirco, I would love to help but unfortunately I dont really understand what you are trying to do...
Just a note: be carefull with lasers. Always use laser protection glasses, and never ever point them at the eye, as it can damage it irreversibly.

Luciano Watase disse...

Hi Ruete,
Are you brazilian?
I made your project and had some problems, i had to exchange 2n2222 with a tip31 using a 22k base resistor to get full laser power.
howewver get the full power a noticed a flicking, a think the scan velocity is too slow.
i testing a usltrassonic rangefinder to improve the position sensor accuracy.
did you make any improvements?


Ruete disse...

Sim eu sou brasileiro!
Não tive muito tempo para fazer atualizações do projeto até agora...
Este projeto foi feito "na marra", não sou tecnico em eletronica, nem nada.
Fiz tudo usando o google, e aprendendo por aí.
No fim funcionou e compartilhei tudo aqui!
O "flicking" é assim, mesmo esta programado para acender e apagar, para dar a impressão de vários feixes de laser separados. Se deixar aceso direto, vai parecer apenas uma faixa inteira e não vários feixes separados.
A velocidade funcionou no meu motor. Para funcionar descobri que a velocidade tem q ser maior do q 30 frames por segundos (q é o que nosso olho humano é capaz de captar)
Existem vários motores com velocidade diferentes por aí.
No que eu puder ajudar, estou a disposição.